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A full stomach, a heavy heart…a special gift from a child…and an alternative Christmas present

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A full stomach, a heavy heart…a special gift from a child…and an alternative Christmas present

Our After Christmas newsletter to our friends and donors:

I am still “high” from the special gift that a little two year old Ethiopian boy, Jonas, gave me a few days before Christmas.

His gift is keeping me grounded as I sit here full of Christmas leftovers, catching up on emails (some with disturbing pictures I will not show you) from friends around the world who keep asking, “How soon will you be able to do the Sustainable Adoption Communities in our country for our orphans? We want families for our orphans here also.” What do I tell them?

The gift from little Jonas gives me strength as I look at some of the pictures the friends sent of orphans who not only did not get gifts, but don’t have enough food, I feel sad knowing that all I can say to them is, “We are working on it and will not give up.”

The look on the faces of some of the children remind me of those from the orphanage where I adopted my two sons. Their friends, left behind in the orphanage, who looked me straight in the eyes and asked, “Don’t you want me too?” Contrast those looks of despair with the faces you see on our TV programs like A Home for the Holidays which show the happy children and joy-filled parents celebrating adoptions and you will see why we WILL do this project.

The contrast between the desperate children who do not have families and the joy shown by the parents and their adopted children makes our team resolute in pushing to get the Families for Orphans™ project implemented in 2012.

My inspirational gift from Jonas came when he was listening to me talking with his father about this project to get orphans adopted into families. Little Jonas reached out, gently took my hand, and kissed it, with a look in his eyes that will stay with me, and motivate me, forever.

Since currently only about 1% of orphans ever get adopted, many who are not will ultimately end up on the streets and contribute to the crumbling of their society. As the world struggles to become better, our children must all learn how to be better. That requires families who can teach them, who can show them how to build their society. Building the Sustainable Communities of Families Adopting Children – creating Families for Orphans™ is more important than ever before and we are asking for your financial help to do it.

We have the design and master plan and are now at the step of needing the land to implement this project for the orphans of our world – and your end of the year donation now will help us do that. In this new 26 second video, we show you the community and why we will not quit: You can make your generous tax deductible donation to help us get the land either on the website or by mailing it to us at: Our Family Orphan Communities, Inc. P O Box 16742 Denver, CO 80216. We need $200,000 to acquire the land.
For many reasons, I believe this is a spiritually guided project and I am honored to be the vision holder as we move toward implementing this new solution of “How do we help more orphans get into real families” and I also am honored to have your involvement in it.

It is gifts like yours, and those like that of the child Jonas, that will get this project implemented. We also just received the copy of the “Alternative Christmas Present” that donors Michael and Marybeth gave to their family (See the text below).

I share the gratitude shown in that kiss from little Jonas with you for what we, with your help, are doing for the orphans of our world.
May the Spirit of Christmas continue to bless you for your generosity in the years to come.

Robert (Bob) Miller
Vision holder for Families for Orphans™
Our Family Orphan Communities, Inc.
Tel: 303-514-6858

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – The Alternative Present certificate – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
December 24, 2011
Christmas Eve
An Alternative Christmas Present
Dear Wonderful Family,
This year, as an alternative to the traditional giving, we will be making a donation on your behalf to Families For Orphans.™
As we pause to feel gratitude for the abundance of our lives (families, friends, plentiful food, clothing, education, good health, …) it is good to remember that not all young people are so very fortunate. There are hundreds of thousands of orphans in the world today that do not have a family. The Families For Orphans™ project is building Sustainable Communities of Families Adopting Children – creating Families for Orphans.™ Please take a few minutes and view the video at the link below.
May all your dreams come true and may you live a life full of happiness and fulfillment.
Michael & Marybeth
View Youtube video Unfound Children at:

Viste el video en Espanol Familias para Huérfanos a:

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