Thursday, January 18, 2018

About us

History—How this project started
In the early 1990’s, one of our founding board members took a volunteer vacation to Guadalajara, Mexico.

On that trip, he volunteered a week of labor to an orphanage, Casa de Protección al Niño,  in Tlaquepaque, a suburb of Guadalajara.

With that emotional connection to 120 children stealing his heart, it was inevitable that more trips were in his future.  About five trips later, due to the death of one of the owners of the private orphanage, it was being closed and the children put into other orphanages throughout Mexico. Two of the children asked our founder to adopt them.

While it was not in his conscious list of life goals, after checking into the legalities and the process, he agreed to become the adopted father to the two children.. It took almost five years to go through the adoption, getting passports in their new names and obtaining the “green cards” (immigration cards) but finally, it was done.

During and after this time, the new father was able to see the difference between children raised in an orphanage and those being raised in a family.  It is this distinction that became the seed for this project to make it possible for more orphan children to be raised in families.

Board of Directors, Advisors and Design Teams
Our Family Orphan Communities, Inc., is guided by a board of directors who have experience in “real world” activities related to what we need to accomplish with each community.

Advisors strengthen our efforts in each technical and management area. We seek to utilize the latest in technology and knowledge in implementing and managing the community and its businesses.

Team members challenge each other to create the best possible outcome in each task that must be accomplished in building a self-sustaining community that will be caring for the children.

You can help us to provide Families for Orphans™ to more children by supporting this project.

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