Friday, February 23, 2018


Because of the contacts we have formed with this international project, we at Our Family Orphan Communities are able to arrange/facilitate transactions for buying and selling various commodities.

100% of any profit or commissions from a transaction is used for the Orphan Communities project.

If you are aware of any potential transactions, please let us know.

· rice

· wheat

· coffee

· barley

· corn

· potatoes

· unmodified potato starch

· sugar

· purified water

· bamboo

· and other commodities

By doing this, we are not only facilitating the feeding of those in need, but also any earnings for Our Family Orphan Communities will go to facilitating the implementation of the Orphan Communities in developing countries.

We are asking anyone who knows of potential transactions for any commodities to contact us immediately at:


and provide the details of what is needed or what is available.

Please forward this information to anyone who can help us with this activity.

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