Thursday, January 18, 2018

Grant commitments

Grant Commitments Needed

As we get closer to the construction of the Community, there are many pieces that need to be acquired and brought together.

We would like to receive conditional commitments from individuals and organizations that they will provide the item contingent upon our acquiring the land for the project.

This is a partial list of “pieces” that we would like to see donated or to receive grants for their acquisition.  Let us know which piece(s) you can help us acquire.

Community Businesses:

We need all systems, equipment and animals for each of the following…

– Aquaculture/Greenhouse

– Dairy farm

– Hog production

– Biogas production

– Eco-sewerage system

– Solar/Wind/Micro-hydro electric

– Water treatment system

– Farm crops/controlled irrigation

– Retail, bakery, butcher, motorbike stores

– Restaurant

– Carpentry shop

– Metal shop

– Plumbing shop

– Landscaping

– Vehicles

– Micro loans


– Computers

– Appliances

– LED light bulbs

– Backyard animals (rabbits, chickens, goats)

Community infrastructure:

– Roads

– Water/drainage/sewer pipes

– Wiring

– Telecommunications/data system

– Homes

– Business structures

– Soccer field

– Basketball court

– Playground equipment


– Structure

– Equipment

– Supplies

– Medical services

Please let us know what you can commit to providing, by email, fax or letter. Just click here!

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