Thursday, January 18, 2018

How we do it

The strategy established to accomplish the vision and mission of “Our Family”  is a two-part business strategy integrated into each physical Orphan Community built in a host country.

The major parts of each Orphan Community are:

  • The Business Strategy (click to see the how this works)
    • Funding Activities—that create the economically self-sustaining  funding of the community. Each business has its own plan.
    • Childcare Activities—providing the homes, families, healthcare, education and activities for the children.
  • Physical Facilities (click to see the layout of the community)
    • Homes where the children and the surrogate parents and grandparents will create a family.
    • Businesses operated by the community that will synergistically support each other while creating jobs, providing food, energy, skills training and more for the residents of the community.

We are doing this with your help. Please volunteer and donate to this project today.


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Use our “Group Code” 2Q6ME to ensure we receive a donation from the vendor.

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