Thursday, January 18, 2018

Business Strategy

Business & Operation Strategy

The strategy established to accomplish the vision and mission of “Our Family”  is a two-part business strategy integrated into each Orphan Community built in a host country.

The two major parts of each community are Funding Activities and Childcare Activities.

Funding Activities: The illustration below shows several of the interdependent businesses that will be providing many benefits for the community.  You can see each of the individual Business Plans that make up this project.

Benefits of the “economic engine” businesses include:

· jobs for the adults of the community (and surrounding area)

· some of the food needed by the community residents

· job skills training for the young people of the community (and surrounding area)

· income needed to cover each company’s own operating expenses

· funds to pay the operating expenses of the community

· funds to pay the family and childcare expenses

· income for O.F.O.C. for providing the ongoing support and monitoring for the community

· funds needed to repay the investment which enabled the company to be built

Each business selected for inclusion in a community will be an independent profit center. If a business fails to generate sufficient income to at least break even, it will be excluded.

Other Businesses/Joint Ventures – also considered depending on the location and market are: construction services; furniture building; motorcycle sales and repair; wheelchair rebuilding and repair; clinic; and more.

Childcare Activities: The illustration below indicates how O.F.O.C. will be providing homes and creating families for street orphans.

This combination of “for-profit” and “non-profit” makes it possible to care for the children without having to continually ask for more donations to keep the organization going.


Let us know what you think and what ideas you have to help improve the community.

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