Thursday, January 18, 2018

Vision and Mission


The global vision of “Our Family” is to improve the life and environment of orphans of any race, religion or gender throughout the world. This is done with an organization that establishes, in developing countries, economically self-sustaining Orphan Communities that purposefully integrate profit making businesses with family-style childcare for orphans.


To create

– economically self-sufficient,
– environmentally conscious,
– high-technology based

communities in which orphans

– are adopted into a family,
– have real parents and grandparents,
– receive healthcare,
– continue their education,
– learn computer skills,
– participate in social and recreational activities,
– receive job skills training and
– have an opportunity to attend trade school or college so they

are better prepared for their and their country’s future.

Master Plan by: University of Colorado College of Architecture & Planning

You too can help this project for the children. Contact us or donate today to this special work.


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