Thursday, January 18, 2018


The Orphan Communities will be available for any developing country where there is the need.

At this time, the active design and development is taking place for Mexico and Vietnam. We are in discussions regarding Liberia.

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Orphan Community—Mexico
To see our Business Plans for the Orphan Community-Mexico, click here.

Orphan Community—Vietnam
Much progress has been made in Vietnam including a partnership with the Vietnam Aid Society for Disabled Children (VASDC).

More Vietnam details…


The major parts of each Orphan Community are:

  • The Business Strategy   (click to see the how this works)
    • Funding Activities—that create the economically self-sustaining  funding of the community.
    • Childcare Activities—providing the homes, families, healthcare, education and activities for the children.


  • Physical Facilities   (click to see the layout of the community)
    • Homes where the children and the surrogate parents and grandparents will create a family.
    • Businesses operated by the community that will synergistically support each other while creating jobs, providing food, energy, skills training and more for the residents of the community.  

Use this link to download an artist’s 3-D concept of the community.

Artist's conception of the community

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