Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Related Links: Inspiration, care, concern, beauty & more

We have included links that show not only the need and ways to help orphans and our fellow citizens of the world, but also to sites and files that show the beauty, joy, love, caring of others and concern for our world.

There is always hope

When the doctors have given up hope on a person and the doctor deems them “terminally ill”  there is still hope.  Visit Shaman’s Door

The secrets of the secret societies

Learn the real secret behind the Law of Attraction (what is left out of the movies and books). Learn from the billionaires who know how it really works. How to be, have, do and get anything you desire. Visit Global Information Network

 Orphan’s pain
Just how bad can an orphan child feel? This song, with pictures will touch you emotionally.  Nobody’s Child


What a beautiful world in which we live.
Click here to see satellite photos of our beautiful earth.


World hunger hits one billion
One billion people throughout the world suffer from hunger, a figure which has increased by 100 million because of the global financial crisis, says the UN. BBC reports … ARTICLE


Devastation of plastic bags (and water bottles)
Have you ever thought about where all those plastic bag and bottles go? Or what it costs to make them? Plastic …

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