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Social Business Investment

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For those of you who have not heard of “Social Business” it comes to us from The Banker To The Poor – Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Muhammad Yunus. He extablished the first experiments with micro-credit which evolved into Grameen Bank.

His latest book is: Creating a world without poverty – How Social Business can transform our lives.

The Social Businesses described are like traditional for-profit businesses except that instead of all of the profits going into the pockets of the investors, the profits help the humanitarian cause for which the business was established. Depending on the agreement with the investors, they may continue ownership of the enterprise or they may be repaid thier investment with appropriate interest. Some investors will, for the sake of the humanitarian cause agree to taking no profit, others may still need one or two percent to meet the needs of their board of directors or shareholders.

The businesses in the Orphan Communities are being established as Social Businesses. You can see the various businesses that make up the Funding Activities that in turn pay for the Childcare Activities of the community at:

You can contact the organization to discuss your interest in investing in any particular business.

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